Our Approach

At Petredis Investment Advisors of Wells Fargo Advisors, we apply a guiding principle to every decision we make: treat every client how we would want to be treated.  We bring this principle to life by delivering a thorough strategic planning and investing experience to each and every client.  We believe our approach yields sustainable value for our clients.

What makes us different?


  • At Petredis Investment Advisors of Wells Fargo Advisors, we treasure the trust of our clients.  Trust is what guides our strategic planning and investment decision making process.  Trust is the key to successful long term client relationships and trust will allow our clients to remain confident in our planning and investing process.  We believe that trust is cultivated through honesty, transparency, empathy, work ethic and positive results.


  • Between our six team members, we collectively have more than ten decades of experience in strategic planning and investing.  Our Managing Director - Investments, Charlie Petredis, has been investing in financial markets for 44 years personally and 37 years professionally.  Charlie started his investment management practice after attending Harvard Business School.  He subsequently trained under the former Chairman of the Securities Industry Association.
  • Our team's investment experience spans several decades and market cycles since 1983, allowing us to make historically informed investment decisions for our clients.

Long Term Client Relationships

  • Petredis Investment Advisors currently serves over 300 families, individuals and institutions, most of which have been clients for 10 to 30+ years1.  We believe our high client retention is a result of our clients' confidence in our planning and investing techniques, which have been sculpted over decades of study and experience. 
  • We believe that our comprehensive client profiling process is what differentiates us from many other wealth management firms and allows us to build successful long term relationships.  Our customized planning and investing process has allowed us to attract, manage and preserve over $1.2 billion in client assets2.


  • Petredis Investment Advisors is a family business that predominately serves family clients.  Our goal for each family is to plan and build sustainable wealth that pays dividends for generations.  We are well positioned to deliver continuity and facilitate intergenerational wealth transfer for our clients because of our team's multi-generational structure.


  • The trust, experience, long term focus and continuity that we have delivered over the past three decades are keys to the value we deliver to each client.  We believe that providing a thorough strategic planning and investing experience will remain the key to our success.

Client Referrals

  • Petredis Investment Advisors of Wells Fargo Advisors does not prospect for new clients.  Each and every new relationship we have built over the past three decades was the result of a referral from an existing client or related professional.  We believe that our non-prospecting approach is ideal for developing long term trusted client relationships.  We take pride in that hundreds of our clients have recommended our team to their family, friends and colleagues.

1. As of December 2020.
2. As of November 2021.